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Handyman Services?

We offer a variety of Handyman services. Estimate needed or per hour services. Call Us Now!

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Furniture Assembly?

From a Shoe stand to gym equipment, Our professional handymen are up to any Task..

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TV & Sound Bar Wall Mounting?

What ever you need mounted on your wall, Our Professional Handymen are Here for You.

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laptop & Tablet Repair?

Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets Repairs and Cracked Screen Replacement.

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Handyman Services

As Jacks of all trades, we can handle most of your minor home repairs.

Furniture Assembly

If you have a new desk or bookcase to put together, We will do it quickly and professionally.

TV & Wall Mounting

What ever you have that need to be mounted on the wall, let us do to it for you clean and Secure.

Electrical Services

Don't know why that Socket or plug isn't working? We are here to sort that out in professional ways.

Exercise Equipment

From your exercise Bike, Home Gym or Commercial Gym Equipment, yes we do them all.

Laptops & Tablets Repairs

From Cracked Screen to Blue Screen, our Computer Gigs are here to solve all Your problems.

Don’t See The Handyman service you need?

How Does It Work?

Pick Your Service

Choose from a variety of home services and give us some few details about what is needed done.

Make Your Booking.

Confirm our very competitive price and tell us the date and time you want the task done.

Get it Done & Pay

We will definitely be there on the set date to get the job done, only then you will be charge for the Job.

Why Work With Us


Whether you need to hang a mirror or assemble your fitness equipment, we are the best.

Reliable Pros

We proud our-self with the commitment and reliability of our Pros. If you book with Us we will be there on time and the job will be done.

Upfront pricing

HandymanFx let you know what you pay for the service before you even book for it, and these prices are all-inclusive so you will have no surprises.

Unbeatable Prices

Not only offer a very competitive pricing, our professionalism and your satisfaction are guaranteed .

We assemble furniture from any store and manufacturer including The following

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